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Dental Sealants

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Molar Fissure dental fillings

Dental sealants are a type of preventive dental treatment that helps protect the teeth from cavities and decay. Sealants are made of a plastic resin that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars. The sealant forms a protective barrier over the enamel, which helps keep food and plaque from getting trapped in the crevices of the teeth. Sealants are one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities, and they are especially beneficial for children who have not yet developed deep grooves in their teeth.

Did You Know?

Dental sealants were first developed in the early 1900s. However, they did not become widely available until the 1970s. Today, sealants are used by dentists all over the world to help protect patients’ teeth from cavities and decay.

Filling with dental composite photopolymer material using Rubber Dam
Fissure dental fillings

Am I a candidate for dental sealants?

Any patient who is at risk for cavities or decay can benefit from sealants. However, sealants are especially beneficial for children and adolescents, as they help prevent cavities in the primary teeth. Sealants are also a good option for patients who have deep grooves in their teeth that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush. To determine if you are an ideal candidate for dental sealants, schedule a consultation with your Detroit dentist today!

What can I expect when having a dental sealant placed at Grand River Family Dentistry?

The process of placing a dental sealant is quick and easy. First, the teeth that will be receiving the sealants will be cleaned and dried. Then, the dentist will apply a thin layer of the sealant material to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Once the sealants are in place, the dentist will use a special light to harden the material. The entire process takes just a few minutes and does not require any numbing or anesthesia.

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How long do dental sealants last?

Dental sealants can remain on the teeth for up to nine years. However, it is important to note that sealants may not remain effective for this long. On average, dental sealants protect against 80% cavities during the first two years and 50% of cavities for up to 4 years. Sealants will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Regular dental checkups are important to ensure that sealants are still in place and doing their job.

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