New Dental Advances Promise Better Outcomes for Treating Decay

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Over the last century effectively treating a decayed tooth has often required removing any decayed structure with drilling and then filling the remaining cavity. While this approach does save teeth that might otherwise be lost, it can also result in a fair amount of healthy structure removed in the process. But continuing advances in dentistry […]

A Loose Tooth is a Sign of Deeper Dental Trouble

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A loose primary (“baby”) tooth is often a cause for celebration. A loose permanent tooth, however, is a cause for concern. A permanent tooth shouldn’t even wiggle. If you have a loose tooth, it’s likely you have a deeper dental problem. Here are the top underlying causes for loose teeth. Gum disease. Teeth are held […]

Oral Health Concerns for Preteens

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As if the preteen years didn’t give kids and their parents enough to think about, new oral health concerns loom on the horizon. Along with major changes to the body, brain and emotions, additional risk factors for tooth decay and gum disease appear during adolescence — the period of development starting around age 10 and […]

Dentures Require Planning and Attention to Detail to Look Natural

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Twenty-six percent of American adults between 65 and 74 have lost all their teeth to dental disease. This isn’t an appearance problem only—lack of teeth can also harm nutrition and physical well-being. Fortunately, we have advanced restorative options that can effectively replace missing teeth. Of these, there’s a tried and true one that’s both affordable […]

A Stainless Steel Crown Could Extend the Life of a Primary Molar

Steel artificial dental crown for dentition restoration

One of the key elements in a child’s development is their first set of teeth. Although primary (“baby”) teeth last only a few years, they’re critically important for enabling a child to eat solid foods, speak and smile. But they also provide one more important benefit—they hold the space in the jaw reserved for the […]

The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

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Missing teeth can affect your life in more ways than you might have imagined. Fortunately, dental implants, one of the restoration options offered by your Detroit, MI, dentists at Grand River Family Dentistry can fill the gaps in your smile. Dental implants restore and protect your smile Dental implants offer an excellent way to restore […]

Why Choose Endodontics & Root Canal Therapy

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Eliminate Pain and Treat Infections with Root Canal Therapy Often, when people think of root canal therapy they associate it with pain. The pain experienced is from the infected tooth, which is then relieved through root canal therapy. Known to restore and save an average of 17 million teeth each year, root canal therapy helps […]

Advantages Of Professional Teeth Whitening

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You, like most people, are looking for ways to achieve a brighter smile. Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic options our Detroit, MI, dentists offer. While there are several ways to get a whiter smile, not all remedies and do-it-yourself methods are effective or even safe. Fortunately, our professional whitening system […]

What To Expect After A Root Canal

Having a root canal in Detroit, MI is a serious dental procedure. The team at Grand River Family Dentistry is here to help you better understand how to care for your tooth following this type of procedure. Keep reading to learn more.  Immediate After Care Immediately following this procedure, your mouth will still be very […]

Dental Implants FAQs

Tooth and dental implant

When you have lost a tooth or teeth, dental implants may be the right solution. For dental implants in Detroit, MI, Grand River Family Dentistry will give you all the information you need to decide if they are the right choice for you.  What is a Dental Implant? A dental implant is a titanium post […]